Writing about our ordinary lives.

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Writing Your Life story with honesty is something we should all want to achieve. Being honest and writing about our relatively mundane lives is a thing that will create a connection to others for generations to come. We can not all write a blockbusting memoir about reaching great heights of fame and fortune, but we can write about the successes and failures that we have had throughout our lives. Read on or listen to me talk about it in this short video.

Unlike Jason from Jason and the Argonauts, I know I probably, will never plough a field wearing nothing but a helmet to plant dragon tooth seeds, in order to return a golden fleece to the king. However, I can connect to this story because I have stepped out into the world in all my power and vulnerability and started a business, I talk to myself on FaceBook Lives every Saturday morning and write blog posts about it, all whilst experiencing equal measures of insecurity, confidence, and gut-churning vulnerability. I like to imagine Jason felt a little bit the same the day he stepped out onto that field. Whether it's Greek Tragedy's, Shakespeare or David Williamson these stories remain valid because they evoke the basic human emotions we all share.

You will have had moments like this in your life too. Those defining points when you had to make a choice, step up, step down, speak up or stay silent. Marriage, divorce, facing mortality, friendship, parenting, adulthood, all the relatively mundane things which we have all done and can all relate to when presented to us via the overarching emotions that have been evoked.

All of these defining moments in our lives are worth sharing with our friends and families.

That is why we write them. To share.

Like Mary Philpott, wrote in 'Surviving the Ordinary: Why We Need Memoirs of Regular Lives', These ordinary stories, when well written will create a connection to our readers. There is a list of basic human emotions which we all share, tuning in to them when you are writing about your defining moments will give your readers an anchor to hold on to while they discover something about you and themselves.

While we all love to read the memoir of the rich and famous, we should also be writing our own stories of success and failure. And don't simply focus on the beginnings and endings either give us the messy middle too.

Your family, present and future, will want to see themselves in your story, it's human nature to want to connect to our past and find ourselves in text, images, and sound. Your Life Story could be a guide book for future family members to be inspired by. They can laugh, cry, grieve, and, ponder your life experiences and learn from what you have gained or lost.

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