To thank you to all who have supported my business, whether we have worked together, or you have shared my posts, or read my words, I want to say thanks.

Like really, THANK YOU!

My business cannot grow without you and two years in small business years is a great achievement.

So, we are going to have a competition!! There is a book that I love it has helped me so much in telling my own stories I know that it will help you start to write yours. It's the book on my shelf that has bookmarks, sticky notes, and maybe a spill of coffee.

It is well used.

Writing True Stories

The complete guide to writing autobiography, memoir, personal essay, biography, travel and creative nonfiction

By: Patti Miller

I know you will love it!

And I am so excited for you to get into your writing journey.

To enter is head to

and subscribe. That’s it.

Head over and subscribe to our mailing list and if you enter before Monday the 9th Sept you will be eligible for the 15% off the cost of three or six-month writing group memberships. That discount ends on Monday the 9th September.

So, if you are ready to write ready to get your story down on paper this weekend is a really good time to start.

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