A Commitment to Creativity

I have been lucky enough to go the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, not once but twice. Each year it comes around and I hear a small voice inside me saying,

'You should really try to get there again, you know amazing things happen there, book your ticket soon!.'

This tiny voice gets louder and louder the closer it gets to festival time, October 28th this year. I tell myself that I won't be going, it's not my year to travel, you just got back from China...blahblahblah!

Mostly I listen to reason and this year I probably won't go, but I like the dream and I like the anticipation I feel when they release the events and announce the speakers. If you have ever needed an excuse to get to Ubud then this is surely it. You will have a sublime time no matter what.

On my first visit, I met a woman who lives in Sydney. We hit it off and committed to working through Julia Cameron's

The Artists Way together. We connected every two weeks for three months to catch up and share the details of our writing routine ups and downs. I will be forever grateful to my friend for sharing this experience with me. It has changed how I look at my creative practice and it has given me the tools to find myself in my creative tasks. I still write my three-morning pages, not every day, I switch and swap between my yoga practice and writing. However, I know that if I am getting a bit shaky, a bit stuck, or a bit overwhelmed then I can use the tools that morning pages offer.

Mostly, what my morning pages have taught me is that if I want to be creative in my life I need to make a commitment to it. I need to turn up and write.

I no longer wait for the whim or the inspiration to hit me out of the blue, I turn up at a set time and place and do the work that is needed. Whether it be morning pages, writing a manuscript or writing someone else's life story. I turn up and write, and that is usually when my inspiration flows.


Speaking of inspiration!!!

I have started what I hope will be the beginning of my memoir. It has begun as an essay and I am going to keep going and write this part of my life story.

And what I would love is for you all to join me.

I will be setting up a membership group where we can share learn and be inspired by each other. Writing can be a lonesome task, but when you have a group of people who you can share with it changes everything.

Keep an eye out for your invitation to join me, until then I am moving my live Facebook chats to a private group if you want yo continue chatting with me join this group on my page. I am so looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

Warm regards,


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