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I'm Luisa Redford. I'm a writer, editor, workshop host, presenter, and digital course creator. 

We all have a story to tell and there is something profoundly magical that happens when we explore our past.


My 1:1 writing projects will have you recalling your life in conversation. Together we will draw out your long-forgotten memories and weave them into a narrative for you to share with family and friends. 

I'm glad you are here, and I hope it is because you have thought about writing your life story and you are ready to take a journey into the past that will give you clarity about your future.


Please take advantage of the free 20-minute call to see if we can work together. 

Hi there,


What Will You Get When We Work Together?

The Baby


At ten thousand words these baby bio's or short memoirs are best presented in an A5 softcover format, it will be about fifty pages long. There will be three interviews and room for many photos. You could use the Baby to create a recipe book with stories and memories that are evoked on each page. It could be a photographic memoir from any stage of your life. The possibilities for this sweet little project are boundless.    

The Middle Sibling


Between ten thousand and fifteen thousand words, this option, the middle sibling, will create a book that has about 50 A4 pages. A hard buckram or soft magazine-style covers and lots of room for digital photographs. This option includes five interviews, and lots of edits and filling in the gaps. As it is a larger project it will demand a bit more of your time. But worth it when the finished book is beautifully bound and presented. 

The Eldest Child


We all know the responsibility of the eldest child. This option is for those who have lots of stories to share. With this many pages, the option for writing on the spine of your hardcover life story becomes available. The more photos, the better. And we can include other family members too. The Eldest child includes up to 7 interviews and is a wonderful way to reflect on your life, your family and your friends. Fill this eldest child with anecdotes and stories from family folklore, your childhood, and beyond. Creating a document of this size is a wonderfully cathartic project that will be cherished forever, 

The most exciting thing is happening!

I have launched my first course!!

This Course has three workshop-style modules all about Getting Started.  

Module 1:

What are you going to write? Get clarity on which style of life story you want to write and use this decision to inform the rest of your life story writing journey.


Module 2: 

What is your purpose and motivation? These may be simple questions for you to answer, and they are, but the magic happens when you take these answers and use them as tools to guide what you are going to write. 


Module 3: 

What are you going to write? Discover how easy it is to write about the events in your life in a way that will have your readers turning the page with anticipation.


And most importantly you will start writing!

You will start writing what may be the most important document you ever write.


Heartfelt Thanks.

It is so great to have my life experiences recorded in a book. It seems I was busy living my day to day life with those I loved, and before I knew it I have hit an age where important memories were embedded deep in my brain rarely showing themselves. Your beautiful kind, compassionate nature gently teased those memories out and your amazing hands created sn irreplaceable personal history that will be used by future generations.