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Here is a list of projects available and prices for each one. I have chosen to put the prices up in the open to allow you to make an informed choice. I would also like to add, however, that I have options for payment plans, and I don't want to turn anyone away.

Contact me if you want to write a life story or memoir, because if you want to do it, we can find a way. 

Option 1 The baby.


At no more than ten thousand words these baby bio's or short memoirs are best presented in an A5 softcover format, it will be about fifty pages long. There are three interviews in this option and room for about five photos. 

Option 2 The middle sibling.


Between ten thousand and fifteen thousand words, this option, the middle sibling, will create a book that has about 50 A4 pages. There is more room for images. The binding options increase with this option too. A hard buckram cover or digital photographs are both available. This option includes five interviews. 

Option 4 The Eldest child.

$4500 We all know the responsibility of the eldest child. This option is for those who have lots of stories to share It will be twenty thousand words long and have 100 A4 pages. The same printing options as the middle sibling, but no hand me downs here!  With this many pages, the option for writing on the spine of your hardcover life story becomes available. The eldest child option includes up to seven interviews.   

Extra interviews can be purchased for $200

Interviews can take from one to three hours. Depending on our stamina, and the quality of the tea!

A full manuscript of eighty-thousand words is also available by negotiation. 

Desk with Book


The process

Interviews and research

I will meet with you in person or we can easily communicate via phone or Skype. These discovery sessions will give me a chance to get to know you and interview you with pertinent questions to ensure I get the best details and stories from you to include in your memorable book.


Writing and editing

I will write and edit your life story as your ghost-writer, making sure that your story is well told, and it is well written.


You can expect a well written and professionally edited book that is free from grammatical and spelling errors and that will take pride of place on any bookshelf. Furthermore, it will be written in first person so people will think you’ve written it yourself.


Delores Amos.

One Christmas we received a swing set, it had a single swing, a glider swing for two, and a trapeze bar/gymnastic rings combo. We used to climb all over the A-frame using it like a set of monkey bars. We loved those swings and we spent many hours playing on them. We have photos of all six kids with big smiles, hanging upside down, swinging high or just lounging on the gliding swing.

We still have that swing, it is at our shack at Boatswains Point, in the South East. We took it when we bought our place in Aldinga and our three children played on it and now our grandchildren play on it.

It is now over 50 years old and, although the seats have been replaced, it has been a place for us, our children, and grandchildren to play and laugh and share stories together. Countless problems have been overcome by hanging from the rings or swinging gently in the breeze.

It has been the instigator of much fun and laughter, and bruises and scrapes over the generations. I now think of it as a cherished friend who has been with me for many years and deserves to be with me or one of Klara’s children for the remainder of its time on this earth. 

Todd Savage

I was born four years before the second world war started, we lived on the edge of London and a considerable amount of air activity went on over our place. I grew up with aeroplanes overhead and I never gave it a second thought; it was what I knew I wanted to do. It seemed like that was all there was.


A combat took place almost directly over our house. It was a spitfire that had caught fire. I could see the pilot parachuting down. It took him ages to float down and in that time our gardener took some binoculars and had a look at him, he could see he was holding his face in his hands, he was hurt.

He said to me, ‘You! Go inside.’

‘Why? I want to see!’

I wasn’t allowed to see, but he landed in the fields of our farm.  his plane crash-landed at a place called Running Waters which was about a mile and a half away from our farm.

During the night raids that followed the Battle of Britain, a German aircraft crashed into Crease’s farm which was exactly a mile and a half in the other direction from us.

One night a rather large bomb dropped in the bottom of the valley, I was in bed and the windows of the house imploded and my bed was covered in glass. I wasn’t hurt though.

The scariest thing to happen to me all war was that I was cycling back from kindergarten one afternoon when I heard a flapping noise behind me. It frightened me to hell. It was a barrage balloon, I had seen them floating high above us for years. They were placed at heights which were supposed to ensure the German planes couldn’t fly lower than a certain level; so the antiaircraft guns could get them. This one had torn and was floating along behind me. I don’t remember ever being so scared again, it was eerie. I whipped off my bike and grabbed a stick and peddled like hell the rest of the way home with my protective twig raised against anything and everything that could get me.