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There are a number of different packages to choose from if you want to write your life story. 

My 1:1 writing projects will have you recalling your life in conversation. This includes me interviewing you and prompting you to recall the details of your life. Depending on your desired outcomes, we will create a timeline which will include interview times, writing times, reviewing, photo-collating, and final formatting and editing of your book before being sent to the printer. 

Or if you have always dreamed of writing your own life story you can jump right in with my online workshops. This first round of workshops is suited to those who want to get started.

In fact, it's called Getting Started!

In this series of three modules, I share the processes I use to gather stories, prompt memories, and collate the past. The modules are jam-packed and there is no limit to the number of times you view them. 

As you explore it's Your Story I want you to know,

Every event in your life story is researched, written, and produced with love, care, and expertise.


Tell your story in the most personal and compelling way possible, whilst retaining the integrity of the story. Together we will weave your cherished moments to create a rich narrative that will be cherished now and into the future. 

Let's talk about your Life Story

  • Let's talk about your project.

    20 min


If you would like to know more about the process, the costs, and the what the finish product might look like, download my

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