It’s Your Story is a professional life writing and memoir service.

Let me help you write your story without compromising your voice.

I offer packages to suit all needs. Write your own life story with one of my online self-paced workshops or work with me and together we will produce a stunning life story to share with your family and friends. 



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Life Stories& Memoir

Tell your story in the most personal and compelling way possible, whilst retaining the integrity of the story. We will weave your cherished moments together to create a rich narrative that is interesting to all who read.  

We all have a story to tell and there is something profoundly magical that happens when we explore our past.


Together we will draw out your long-forgotten memories and weave them into a narrative for you to share with family and friends.


I'm glad you are here, and I hope it is because you have thought about writing your life story and you are ready to take a journey into the past that will give you clarity about your future.

Creative Non-Fiction

You'll find lots of my work samples here

Blog - Published pieces - Essay - Memoir - Life Story

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Write From Home

Online Workshops

Join me on this three-module workshop and write from home at your own pace

Module 1: What are you going to write? Gain clarity on which style of life story you will write and use this to inform the rest of your life story writing journey.


Module 2: What is your purpose and motivation? This is where the magic happens. When you take the answer and use it as a tool to guide what you are going to write. 


Module 3: What are you going to write? Discover how easy it is to write about the events in your life in a way that will have your readers turning the page with anticipation.


Most importantly you will start writing!

You will start writing what may be the most important document you ever write.

Move your mind and heart towards a better understanding of yourself, your friends, and strangers, and of the world we live in every day.
What a gift that understanding is when we share it with each other.

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